Monday, March 19, 2012


This blog is going to be used as a research and development journal for my masters project at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. My study will be practice based and so this page will detail both my own practical explorations as well as the theoretical framework behind them. The focus of my work is going to be on interactivity from which my own media project will stem. 
An overview from my proposal:
This project proposes an investigation into the influence of interactivity in the construction and conceptualising of audio visual spaces within virtual environments. This research will be practice based and will involve the creation of my own work exploring the concepts of user interaction and the affective nature of this device. Based upon my own experience and the time frame available, I will be exploring fractured space primarily within two dimensional environments as both a conceptual as well as aesthetic basis for the work. I want the project to be released in a public way, this could take the form of an installation, online distribution or any other methods which may surface as the study progresses.
Possible questions of this research could be

-How is the perception of space altered by an interactive influence? 

-Treating interactivity as one of the many components of a virtual assemblage, what kind of affective energy does this element bring to on screen spaces? 

-How does interactivity effect audience immersion and what implications does limited interactivity have on this engagement? 

-How does the physical space from which an audience interprets a piece of interactive media effect their perception of it? 

I'm excited to see the direction that this project takes as it develops, at the moment it is still quite open so the plan is to start reading texts, viewing media and just absorbing all the information I can which in turn, will catalyze my own ideas.

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    I think this portal2 walkthrough video is a useful example of what we were talking about in terms of the mutuality of interactivity. The space itself as an active interactive agent (or actant)