Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fall Up To The Sky

Or download the game (windows only but more stable)

The purpose of this project was both to better familiarise myself with the software that I'm using as well as explore methods of interaction and the generation of affect. Ironically, most of my research thus far has been about breaking convention in interesting ways yet I've gone and made something which in essence, is a fairly generic video game. I still want to explore these ideas but this is a good starting point to develop from as it has allowed me to program simple mechanics in an environment where I'm not overly concerned with the story yet.


    Rambo, but not as you'd expect

  2. I know that you have developed this since the posting and so my comments are based also on these works/ideas that you are exploring as well. The potentiality of the "thickspace" is obvious and it has opened up for you new possibilities. We were talking yesterday in the corridor about the processes of change and I talked about the notion of territorialization, deterritorialization and reterritorialization and it seems the process you are working through exemplifies this notion. For example in this instance - the world assumes a gravitational pull, you change the that pulling power and behold a new set of potentials is discovered. Ifound that also with the remaining debris after the little bad guys were obliterated and saw this as opening up a whole new set of possibilities of the powers of pollution and the independent "life" of the space itself and wonder what implications this has for the game space. What if the nature of the space as it becomes more "polluted" restricts, transforms or exposes new playing possibilities. It seems to me that you have discovered an intraspace - that is the space that opperates solely within the "life" of the space itself regardless of any gamerules or play that is going on. The interspace would be the relations between space and game while the extraspace would involve the spaces that are outside these other two sets of relations. I think it is important to register "names" the ways that the spatial dynamics are appearing and these names become useful conceptual tools both for asking further questions as well as a way of communicating your ideas.

  3. Thanks! I just did a post on some of this stuff. I like what you're saying about the 'life' of space and the pollution of that. If space isn't always something that needs to be filled up it's interesting to consider the consequences of doing so. Is it even 'filling' or simply altering space? I can imagine filling up a white room with black particles like you said, eventually it will reach the point where you could looks at it not as a white room full, but a black room empty.

    Also, cool link Jake XD