Monday, June 25, 2012

I Remember The Rain

This is my latest project, enjoy:


I Remember The Rain is an interactive story with mechanisms firmly rooted in video game convention and aesthetic. I wanted to use the landscape of this platform as a means to deliver  a narrative and a sense of character that would not normally be expected from the medium with the intention of making these elements all the more potent.

Although the interactions of IRTR are simple, the space of the project is deep. Only 3 buttons are used in the game, the arrow keys move the character left and right while the spacebar triggers interaction and events. These mechanics were intentional in their simplicity so that the interface of interaction would not become a barrier in the player's connection to the virtual world as well as allowing for greater accessibility to a wider audience. 

I decided quite early on that I wanted to have the characters in the game voiced, partly because I haven’t really seen this done in games of this type but most importantly as a way to humanise the characters. By giving the protagonist a voice, the audience can better relate to the character and becomes deeper immersed in the virtual world. Like spoken voices, audio as a whole was a focus of the work, juxtaposing the retro, minimalistic aesthetics with a deep and layered soundscape to bring to life the world: footsteps, the sound of birds, the wipers of the car – all subtle elements that draw the audience into the reality of the interactive space.

More on this later!

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