Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Remember The Rain Response

I released I Remember The Rain a couple of weeks back and since then it's gotten a fair amount of response from emails to twitter mentions as well as a few reposts! Small success I know but still, it's great to know that people are getting to play it and even better to know that they're actually liking it!  I was featured on which is exciting because the site has a lot of readers which definitely brought some exposure. It's been neat coming across this kind of thing, the other big one was making the front page of Game Jolt! Feeling pretty inspired to start on a new project soon.

I've gotten some good feedback from a few forums which I will definitely keep in mind when starting the next project. Overall I think I need to refine the text system to make it more interesting and flow smoother with the dialogue as well as make the environments a lot more interactive. Perhaps certain decisions will have direct effects on how the story (or space) develops. A lot of people have commented on the short length of the game though I wonder if that's to do with expectations of the medium (most games are longer than 5-10 minutes). I kind of like how short it is, though I can see making a slightly longer work could allow connections with characters to be developed a lot further.

Someone did a video play through as well, it seems to be running slower than it should for some reason but it's cool that he liked it enough to make this, his commentary is also quite entertaining:

There are at least half a dozen other pages floating around but these are the ones which have gathered the most response:

I Remember The Rain - Game Maker Community
I Remember The Rain - The Independent Gaming Source - The Weblog Freeware Game Pick: I Remember The Rain (Jordan Browne)
I Remember The Rain - A Freeware Game | Game Jolt
Game Tunnel

Reception-wise, I've got to say the project has been extremely successful, from responses both online and from people who I've showed it seems the atmosphere and mood I was trying to capture was conveyed perfectly.

"an excellently told, stunningly illustrated and touchingly narrated story and I do believe most people will savour the experience it provides." - Indie Games The Weblog

"I must have played it 3 times in a row and each time I was blown away by how I Remember The Rain pulled at my emotional strings."  -

It would be great to display the work in a public place as an installation - I've never seen anything like that locally but I guess there's always room for a first.

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