Monday, October 1, 2012

Developing 3D Space

I've been experimenting further with 3d spaces in a project which is shaping up to being quite unique in terms of both concept and aesthetic.

Mapping these spaces can be quite challenging as the editor I'm working in is entirely two dimensional. The image above shows a screenshot of game play placed next to the grid based layout which the world is designed in. The biggest issue with this interface is that there is no real allowance for a display of depth meaning that positions and shapes of objects must be kept track of mentally. To add additional complication to this method, I have been experimenting with non-Euclidean spaces such as endless corridors and impossible rooms. This is all very much an illusion and so the mapping of such can become rather hectic as resources are placed over the top of one another from a frustratingly static birds eye perspective.

In terms of narrative flavour, I've been quite inspired by Kafka's short story Metamorphosis in which the protagonist awakens as an insect. This concept and the absurdist nature in which it is depicted offers interesting parallels to the way we as humans perceive space. Just how direct this influence will become I am not quite sure but at the moment it is a good starting point to build from. 

As far as game play is concerned, I don't think there will be any real mechanical or reflex based challenges in the game. Instead I'm opting for a more thoughtful explorative pace where the challenge becomes the navigation of the world itself. A simple premise such as collecting objects or reaching gateways to new areas could be a possible 'goal' if one is to be had.

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